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AIRWELL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED (AISL) is a technology and business Solutions Company, incorporated in 2008. We are an information and communication technologies (ICT) service provider that offers innovative solutions to help organizations get the best out of Technology, Processes and People.

Our primary responsibility is providing and supporting organizations with premium services to increase their productivity, efficiency and competitive advantage. With the focus on creating value, we aim to promote inventive solutions backed with our team of professionals to deliver services that are second to none. ...read more

Airwell Integrated Services Ltd

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Airwell Integrated Services Limited (AISL) has a primary responsibility for providing and supporting organizations with innovativeand quality services to increase their productivity, efficiency and competitive advantage.

AISL offers affordable IT services that increases performance and increases operational stability. We study and analyzing the state of an organization, its processes and procedures and proffer suitable and innovative solutions that help clients achieve business goals and objectives.

We deliver IT products and services for improvement in productivity, products and services whether in the private or public sector.

We help business get the best out of Technology, Processes and People

Our Delivery

We don't just preach technology, we deliver solutions that are catalyst to grow your business and overall productivity. We deliver the needed value for companies, businesses and organisations wholly driven by innovative and inventive IT products and services

We are committed to providing our Clients with exceptional products and services to meet their business needs

We market products of top brands; ranging from computer hardware, software licenses, digital products, teleconferencing equipments, CCTV and Alternative power systems.

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Alternative Power

Solar-Inverter Solutions

Nigerians now consider alternatives to traditional energy sources (like the national electricity grids and generators) because of the inefficiency and rising cost of power in the country. It has become imperative to get durable, efficient and reliable alternatives to get long lasting solutions to power challenges.

At Airwell we proffer solutions to improve and solve power issues, for residential and estate use, we design and provide solutions for industrial usage and businesses.

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